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With Shusha's fun Zoo wooden toy, children can learn about different animals and create their own. There are 23 different wooden body parts (ears, noses and mouths) with hidden magnets to connect to the body frame, making it easier for little hands to connect and disconnect the pieces. Painted in lovely subtle colours, the shapes help make pets, wild animals, carnivores and herbivores with cute, fun and witty personalities. The wooden body stands upright, so you can display it on a shelf, too. A beautifully made and stylish game that educates, entertains and encourages little ones' imagination. 

24 solid beech pieces painted with non-toxic paints.

Suitable for age 2+

Box size: 20 × 25 × 6cm.

Russian brand Shusha make excellent wooden toys and games, with beautiful styling based on late 19th and early 20th Russian art with deliberately minimalist designs. Shusha creates traditional wooden toys made to pass on to the next generation, but they're also innovative and open-ended games with lots of possible outcomes, allowing children to be creative and imaginative.