Danny Dodo’s Detective Diary - Rob Hodgson & Nick Crumpton


Danny Dodo is a detective on a mission. Over the years, thousands of amazing animals have disappeared. Where did they go? Why did they vanish? It’s Danny’s job to find out and he needs you to help him!

Charmingly illustrated by Rob Hodgson, Danny Dodo’s Detective Diary includes stories about missing animals like Skye the passenger pigeon, whose flock was so big it could block out the sun; Lily the tree snail, muse of Hawaii whose shimmering shell inspired poetry; and Mayleen the Baiji river dolphin, known to many as the “Goddess of the Yangtze”. But Danny doesn’t only want to celebrate his extinct buddies, he’s going to help everyone get to know his endangered friends too and give tips for young children on what they can do to help the planet.

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