OkoNorm - Nawaro Natural Egg Dyes - 5 Colours


Okonorm's set of five natural egg dyes is perfect for Easter crafting. Add a sachet to water while boiling the eggs - there's enough to stain five eggs per round and the food dyes are edible so you can still eat the eggs afterwards. Try using a cotton-wool bud to make patterns before setting the colour by running them under cold water.

Colours: red, yellow, green, orange and pink. Final colours may differ between eggs depending on the natural colour of the eggshell.

ÖkoNorm (or 'Oekonorm') is a German brand producing eco-friendly, high-quality art and craft supplies, with as little as possible impact on the environment and human health in their production, use and disposal. Nawaro products are organic, biodegradable and compostable, with colours from natural plant extracts and food colourants; ÖkoNorm crayons have a high beeswax content and use only palm oil from certified cultivation areas, and ÖkoNorm modelling play dough is made from non-toxic, sustainable ingredients.