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Uncle Goose - Constellations wooden blocks

£19.57 £27.95

Uncle Goose educational building blocks are a wonderful mix of a classic, traditional toy with contemporary design. These tactile blocks are lovingly handcrafted from sustainable basswood in Michigan and are built to last for generations. 

This is the Constellations set of 16 blocks (1.75in cubes), featuring 16 constellations from the Northern and Southern hemispheres to explore. Each block has two debossed sides featuring the constellation with and without connecting lines, and four printed sides with constellation symbol, name, hemisphere and scale of magnitude

See if you can spot the largest star in the constellation by sight and touch. You can see and feel all the different sized stars. Some of the constellation symbols you see on the blocks? They're entirely made up. Others are grounded in history. Can you tell which are which?

Suitable for age 2+. 

Uncle Goose have been handcrafting their traditional wooden building block in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, since 1983. The blocks are made from fast-growing, FSC-certified basswood trees that thrive in the Great Lakes region, with child-safe, non-toxic inks. An environmentally responsible business, Uncle Goose's wood waste becomes garden mulch and the shavings become horse bedding, and they use recycled paper packaging.