Mini Rodini - red reindeer onesie


Brand Mini Rodini

The Christmas outfit of dreams! Mini Rodini's awesome red, reindeer-print hooded onesie for babies and toddlers. We love the retro Babycham vibes. Check out the matching sweatshirt, too. 

52% micromodal, 48% organic cotton. 

Soft rib cuffs; zip from neck to leg for easy dressing. Folded sleeve and ankle cuffs are made extra long to increase the garment's lifespan.

Sizing: 56/62 = 0-6 months, 68/74 = 6-12 months, 80-86 = 12-24 months, 92/98 = 2-3 years, 98/104 = 3-4 years, 104/110 = 4-5 years, 116/122 = 6-7 years

Founded in 2006, Swedish clothing brand Mini Rodini is a tribute to all children and their imagination. Renowned for brilliant, playful prints, Mini Rodini places an emphasis on organic cotton, sustainability and ethical production.